Period Box partners to sponsor menstrual items for Region 8 girls


The Period Box and German’s Restaurant partnered with the Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts (SNFCA) and Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation & Development, to sponsor 20-period boxes filled with essentials for menstrual hygiene and comfort and self-care items that are mood-boosting during their cycle.

Girls aged 13 – 19, from Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) received the boxes, as well as reproductive health education. Christine Gooding, owner of the Period Box stated, “When we started the Period Box, two of our goals that always remain constant are eliminating period stigma, and reducing and spreading awareness of period poverty. This month, we are so grateful and honoured to have partnered with some truly amazing people to keep making those goals a reality.”

Owner of the Period Box, Christine Gooding (center) along with some partners on the project

Gooding felt that development activities and partnerships like these are so impactful and empowering to the young women because they are able to tackle the issues they face from multiple angles and sources.

“Starting the conversation on periods and reproductive health not only educates but also makes it a feel like a comfortable, normal topic – thereby reducing stigma. Menstrual hygiene products are a basic necessity that many women still don’t have access to or can easily afford.”

The entrepreneur is of the belief that sponsoring period boxes can help reduce period poverty to some extent, but more importantly, it raises awareness so that we can find effective, more permanent solutions.

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