Design for Corentyne all-access road expected soon – Min. Edghill

- to see more 10,000 acres of new land opening up


Farmers in Corentyne, Berbice will soon benefit from the construction of an all-access road spanning from the No. 52 dam all the way to the Canje Creek; the road is expected to open more than 30,000 acres of new land.

Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill, over the weekend paid a visit to the intended site of the access road and announced that a design is expected soon.

“We wanted to be able to see all of the possibilities because eventually when my engineers come up with a design, it must be based upon something that is practical and cost-effective,” the Public Minister said.

“The intent is that we want to open a road that will eventually give us access to new land for the expansion of agriculture, cattle farming and any other land use that will catapult Guyana’s development.”

The site visit, according to the Minister, was made with the intent to scope out the possible alignment for the new road.

Whatever choice is made, he explained, will give way to the new lands.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill

“Maybe we could, I’m not saying that the final choice, we can do the entire No. 52, which is about 23 kilometres. We can come down here to the Seafort canal and build a connector off to No. 52 so you can come in No. 52 and connect.”

The construction of the all-access road is currently pegged at $150 million with monies already allocated in the budget for same.

“I think the vision that we have is very clear of where we want to take Guyana and we will have to be able to do some of the technical studies and get the design. The decision is imminent, the road will be built,” Minister Edghill said.



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