GCB establishes several sub-committees


The newly-elected executives of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) recently met for the second meeting under the chairmanship of President Bissoondyal Singh. The executives discussed a wide range of matters relating to the development of the game in Guyana and the way forward.

“The GCB would release more information to the general public as we go forward and wishes to reassure the general public that we are committed to a policy of transparency, fairness and accountability. Guyana Cricket needs a lot of work and the entire executive body committed to leading by example and to create an atmosphere for all stakeholders to strive in,” GCB said in a release on Monday.

The executives established several sub-committees and the names of the persons selected would be released shortly after they are informed. The committees established were Senior Selection, Junior Selection, Cricket Development, Finance and Public Relations.

“Former West Indies captain Ramnaresh Sarwan heads the senior panel, while the most successful youth captain in the West Indies Andre Percival heads the junior selection panel. Vice-President Hilbert Foster heads cricket development, PRO Claude Raphael the Public Relations Committee and acting Treasurer Dr. Cecil Beharry, the Finance Committee,” the GCB release added.

“The GCB has made available several positions on the different committees for the Essequibo Cricket Board and they would be contacted to filled them. The executives also visited the board office to introduce themselves to the staff after the meeting. The transition from the previous executives to the newly elected ones is still an ongoing process,” the release concluded.

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