Man with kidney failure needs donors urgently


Facing the misfortune of a kidney failure, 25-year-old Christopher Sukha is seeking urgent assistance to balance the cost for weekly dialysis but he also needs a donor for his kidney transplant.

Sukha was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure in February 2020.

Although he could not afford to go to Trinidad to undergo a biopsy, Sukha thinks there is a possibility that his illness may be genetic since his mother died of end-stage kidney failure when he was just four years old.

His father also died from a heart attack when he was still a boy.

Until he has a suitable donor for his kidney transplant, Sukha undergoes dialysis three times per week, at the cost of $12,000 per session.

In addition to his illness, Sukha also suffers from high blood pressure, which his doctors say has not been helpful to his renal disease.

Sukha, an employee at Massy’s Distribution, is willing to work but due to being constantly hospitalized this has placed a strain on him financially.

His wife is now forced to work to pay rent and cover his medical expenses.

“Thing is, I don’t have anyone to help me. I have to pay house rent and I find it very hard. Only my mother-in-law and aunt help pay for dialysis,” he said.

Unfortunately, none of his family members is a match and this has led him to ask the public for assistance.

He said no one has come forward yet.

“If I have a donor, it would help me out because even if I get one kidney, I wouldn’t have to go on dialysis so steady. If I have one kidney, it would work. I can live with one kidney,” Sukha said.

Due to his illness, the young man has been placed on a diet and this affects him as well.

“I find it very hard. I can’t eat certain foods. I can’t drink certain things like drinks and juice. Only home-cooked food I can use. It’s very hard on me. No juice, no drinks, only water and tea,” he explained.

Persons willing to assist Christopher can contact him on +592 662 8957 or his wife on +592 691 7708.

They can also make deposits into his Demerara Bank account number: 006002043040

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