Regional initiative launched to help businesses cope, recover from COVID-19


By Shikema Dey

The impact of the pandemic has been felt across all sectors with some businesses being forced to temporarily shut down and employees required to stay at home.

That, combined with supply chain interruptions and changes in consumer behaviour, has substantially affected business operations and their viability. The aforementioned is what birthed the idea of the “Pandemic of Performance”, a regional initiative aimed at providing broad-based support to those individuals and small businesses most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event, being hosted by the Guardian Group, Ross Advertising | ReThink, in collaboration with the University for Peace established by the General Assembly of the United Nations, will see a series of entrepreneurial, branding and inspirational webinars from April 21, 2021, on International Day of Innovation and Creativity.

The event will run until May 12, 2021, and is free of cost for all participants. At the virtual launching ceremony on Friday, Head of Group Branding and Communications at Guardian Group, Ayesha Boucaud Claxton, stated that the event will present innovative ideas to help transform businesses as the pandemic continues.

“Guardian Group exists in the idea that we are here to make life easier for everyone and that is seen in here in the launching of this event.

“When we examined the urgent needs of the Caribbean during this time of the pandemic, we found three areas and it is on these areas that we are focused to ensure that businesses are in a better position to transform their thinking and make it through the pandemic,” Boucaud Claxton said.

Lead Innovator of Intangience Branding, Ernie Ross, in his remarks stated that the initiative is led by “iconic thinkers in innovation, inspiration and entrepreneurial development” and provides insights into the unique ways in which individuals turn adversity into personal and professional advancement.

“…and we have carefully spared no expense in bringing in the world’s best experts in that regard,” he said.

The Pandemic of Performance initiative will be freely accessible to the public online. Participants can register via –

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