Cane Grove man in custody for allegedly murdering friend


Police have arrested a labourer of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara for allegedly stabbing his friend to death during an argument on Sunday while they were imbibing.

Dead is 48-year-old Khemraj Sukhna, known as ‘Bowe.’ Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the two are drinking partners who lived at the same address.

At around 17:00hrs on Saturday, they were imbibing at Coconut Dam, Cane Grove when an argument ensued and this led to a physical altercation. The suspect then left and went home. However, at around 21:30hrs, Sukhna went home and met the suspect, during which, another argument ensued.

It is alleged that the suspect picked up and knife and stabbed Sukhna to the right chest and left arm. Sukhna collapsed and fell on a mattress in the veranda.

At about 02:40hrs on Sunday, the suspect went to the Cane Grove Police Station and reported that he and Sukhna had a fight when he (Sukhna) fell on a knife.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the scene by the police. The scene was processed and a blood-stained knife, suspected to be the murder weapon, was found.

The suspect’s body was also examined and injuries to the right side of his head and left foot were observed. When questioned, he claimed that he received his injuries when he and the victim had a scuffle.

Sukhna’s body was escorted to the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting an autopsy.

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