GuyCrete Inc: the future of concrete utility poles in Guyana


In the developed and developing nations, aesthetics, durability and cost-effectiveness are massive factors in infrastructure, and according to Ryan Rahaman, Director of GuyCrete Inc., they bring such a package with the construction of their concrete utility poles.

GuyCrete Inc. is the sole manufacturer of Concrete Utility poles in Guyana, and apart from the aforementioned qualities, Rahaman feels the biggest positive is to the environment in reducing deforestation due to excessive logging.

“With deforestation being such a big topic, we felt it was time for that change to go with concrete which is not susceptible to wood rot and termite

The concrete poles are said to be more durable and versatile for infrastructure (Photo: News Room)

which we know is a big problem in Guyana,” he explained during a recent interview with the News Room.

In Guyana, Wallaba poles are commonly used for fencing, transmission poles, railings, decorative posts, and beams.

Director of GuyCrete Inc., Ryan Rahaman (Photo: News Room)

“One of the advantages of going concrete over Wallaba is the durability, but it is also direct burial, just like the Wallaba, so there is no need to retool. If there is some soppy soil condition, some casting might have to be done. Because of the design of the concrete post and the weight is down at the bottom of the pole, sometimes there is no need to bury as deep as a Wallaba.”

He went on to explain that, “once you put up a concrete post there is no need to maintain it as with a Wallaba; you might get a five-seven-year life span. Once you put up a concrete post there should be no coming back to change the post, the arms in concrete and it is a great labour saving.”

Rahaman contended that his concrete poles can last over 50 years with little to no maintenance and GuyCrete Inc also supplies the adaptor for the footwear which is needed to climb the concrete poles.

Another comparison was made as it regards galvanised polls and their durability, and so, the Director contended, “because of our location to the coast and the salt air content, the poles are very susceptible to rust and a structure still needs to be made to bolt the poles.”

While being more expensive than a Wallaba, Rahaman indicated, “because of the strength of the poles, you don’t need to put down as many poles, so they can be further apart, so you use fewer poles.”

He added, “these poles are very versatile, they are pre-drilled on all four sides of the poles so you can bolt cross-arms on either side. It means you can have electricity, telephone, internet and even street lights on one pole.”

In close to five years of learning to perfect their craft, GuyCrete Inc has worked with the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Incorporated for special pilot programmes; the Ministry of Public Works in supplying posts for street lights; the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, and private developers for stadium lighting.

They plan to move to a new and bigger facility soon so they can put down their batching plant and have more moulds, which will allow them to mass-produce and stock various lengths of poles.

GuyCrete Inc has planted poles in each of the three counties, totalling approximately 150 to date. Rahaman said they also offer customised poles for housing construction and for farmers, in addition to solid concrete prefabricated posts and panels that are ideal for fencing.

GuyCrete Inc is located at Lot 3 Sandy Babb St, Kitty, Georgetown and can be contacted on telephone numbers 226-5225 and 600-1767.

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