Bus driver arrested after trying to assault cop with cutlass


A traffic officer on Tuesday had to take cover to avoid being physically assaulted with a cutlass by a Sophia minibus driver, whom he attempted to arrest for dangerous driving.

The suspect, police said, has been arrested.

According to reports, at around 13:15hrs, the traffic cop was on patrol on Homestretch Avenue when the minibus, registration number #BZZ 3029, was overtaking the line of traffic with at least 15 vehicles ahead of him.

A screengrab of the video showing the traffic cop after being chased by the suspect.

Police said that he was stopped by the said officer, informed of the offence and asked to produce his driver’s license; he reportedly drove away instead.

The traffic officer, police stated, chased after the driver and caught up to him on Sheriff Street and stopped him once more.

The suspect was said to have existed his vehicle, armed himself with a cutlass and chased after the officer, forcing him to flee for his safety. Police said the suspect was later arrested by patrol officers. The incident was captured on video.

Investigations are ongoing.

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