ESL ‘a grave tipping point for order and structure’- GFF President


President of the Guyana Football Federation, Wayne Forde, has added his voice to the proposed establishment of the European Super League (ESL), labelling it an “aberration.”

“Based on the information in my possession, the Super League would be a grave tipping point for the order and structure of global football,” he told News Room Sport on Tuesday.

Premier League clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were initially announced as part of the proposed league. The other clubs involved are AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

However, Manchester City withdrew on Tuesday, and Chelsea were preparing to do so.

Forde said while football as an entertainment product has been skillfully commercialised over the past decades, he argued strongly that the commercial side of the game is not a reflection of the true spirit of football.

“Until the number of paid persons across the globe over takes the number of volunteers sacrificing each day and night to develop the beautiful game – then football must remain a game of the ordinary man and woman whose passion has fueled its continued existence for centuries,” Forde opined.

“If the authors of this sinister plot to erode the foundation of the game was to succeed in launching this aberration, I am convinced that their success will be shortlived. The fans will have the final say!”

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino “strongly disapproves” of the breakaway European Super League and says the 12 clubs will have to “live with the consequences” of their decision to join.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with the Football Association, Premier League officials and fans’ representatives on Tuesday, after which the government said it will take “whatever action necessary”, including legislative options, to ensure the proposals were stopped.

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