42 arrested in Berbice at several bars for breaching COVID guidelines


Forty-two persons were arrested in Berbice at several bars on Sunday night for breaching the national curfew and for being in spaces that violated the gazetted measures which limits the occupancy in bars and restaurants to 40 per cent capacity.

Police reported on Monday that the persons were arrested during a COVID-19 enforcement exercise in the No. 3 Sub-Division between 16:00 hours and 20:15 hours led to the arrests; the sub-division covers from No. 51 village, Corentyne to Orealla.

During the exercise, which targeted public transportation, public spaces and other social activities, 42 persons were arrested for breaching the COVID-19 measures.

The operation was led by an Assistant Superintendent along with police ranks stationed in Berbice.

The curfew is from 22:30hrs to 04:00hrs; bars and restaurants are to close at 21:30hrs.

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