Paul Cheong is new PSC Chairman


Paul Cheong has been elected to serve as the new Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC).

Cheong and the new executive committee were elected at the PSC’s 29th Annual General Meeting held last Friday.

Krishnand Jaichand was appointed Vice-Chairman, Ramesh Dookhoo as Secretary, Zulfikar Ally as Treasurer, and Manniram Prashad as the PSC’s Corporate Coordinator.

Nicholas Deygoo, speaking as outgoing chairman, said his main focus was on restoring investors’ confidence in the economy through engagements with several stakeholders.

These included a US Congressional delegation, the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce, the foreign missions in Guyana, and several government agencies as well as the new consignment of ministers, a release from the PSC stated.

Boyer indicated that his time as Chairman ends just as the new government has passed its first full-term budget that essentially kick-starts its developmental agenda for Guyana.

Budget 2021, he stated, staying true to its theme, offers a range of measures to advance economic recovery and rebound critical sectors that took a severe beating from the political crisis that gripped the nation compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boyer also stated that the PSC is “grateful” that the recommendations submitted by the Commission were considered and included in the budget.

Among them were the removal or, in some cases, a reduction of a range of taxes.

“My goal was to rebrand the organization into a business-centered unit, focused on the economic growth and transformation of the country, in light of its newfound oil wealth,” Boyer added.

He emphasized that “the private sector cannot move forward without a stable political climate and clear policy direction from the government. And it goes hand in hand; the country cannot develop without the support and investments from the private sector.”

Boyer thanked his colleagues in the private sector for their sterling dedication and hard work throughout the year and noted that he looks forward to working continuously with the Commission in a different capacity, as it aims to build a brighter and prosperous Guyana.

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