10 footballers to benefit from GFF/MACORP training scholarship


By Avenash Ramzan 

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Machinery Corporation of Guyana (MACORP) that will see 10 local footballers being afforded training scholarship through the Providence, East Bank Demerara, establishment.

The MoU was signed on Tuesday morning between President of the Guyana Football Federation, Wayne Forde, and Chief Executive Officer of MACORP, Guillermo Escarraga in the presence of Training Director Miguel Oviedo and other officials of MACORP.

According to Training Administrator of MACORP, Weneta Pooran, the 10 players, inclusive of males and females, will undergo Excavator Operator Training and Technicians for the Caribbean Training.

“The Excavator Operator Training comprises of three weeks training, which is theoretical training, simulator training and practical on the machine. The Technicians for the Caribbean Training however, is a Virtual training. The training comprises 18 courses that can be done on any device at any time once you have internet access. That training is certified as well,” Pooran explained.

CEO Escarraga said the signing of the MoU is a significant developmental step for 10 beneficiaries. He said the company is pleased to align with the goals and vision of the Football Federation, one of which is to provide a platform for youngsters to showcase their skills, on and off the pitch.

It is the first time MACORP has partnered with a sport association in Guyana to deliver training opportunities.

GFF President Wayne Forde (right) and MACORP CEO Guillermo Escarraga

“When this project was presented to us, we found it very suitable for us to support because there was a specific goal and a plan,” Escarraga said.

“It is very important for the country as a whole. Being an education and training provider, we knew this was the right move for us because it benefits a lot of people in the country.”

“We have a lot of hope that other companies will see this as a way to bring some of those players that were trained into their operations, because that is what will make a big impact – that after the training, the players find jobs that would help them continue their development,” he said.

GFF President Forde commended MACORP for readily buying into the initiative, thereby providing the young footballers with an additional skill that they can rely on after their playing days are over.

This arrangement, Forde opined, will in essence help to remove the uncertainty sportsmen and women face post-retirement.

“While we don’t have any player present (today), I will attempt to say what I believe most player will be thinking when they first enter into this programme.”

“They will be thinking ‘wow, I’m so happy that I chose football.’ They will be thinking ‘I’m not so concerned about my final day as a professional player.’ ‘I’m not so worried about whether I’m going to be sending out 50 different applications at the end of my playing career. I’m not so worried that I will not have a newly acquired skill that will make my life that much easier. I’m not so worried that I will be unafraid to take up the challenge of starting a family.’ I think these are the things that will be permeating through their minds.”

Forde is hopeful that a positive outcome from the first batch of awardees will subsequently lead to a second batch being inducted into the programme.

He added that the partnership is one the Federation is proud to be part of, as efforts continue to shape well-rounded individuals in the sport.

“I believe that the example that is being set here today by MACORP is one that I would like to humbly suggest that other corporate giants across this land consider…and not just for football, but for every sport,” Forde pleaded.

“There are too many young men and women who would have served their country with distinction and soon after their career would have ended they’re relegated to almost a life of destitution.”

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