Company to manage ExxonMobil’s hazardous waste launched


Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES), a new waste management company, which has landed a 10-year contract with ExxonMobil, was officially launched Tuesday night at Roraima Duke Lodge, Kingston, Georgetown.

SES’ contract with ExxonMobil covers the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and the treatment of drill cuttings.

The company is a joint venture partnership between Gaico Construction Services, Guyana Shore Base (GYSBI) and the Corena Group, an international waste management company with headquarters in Finland.

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, commended the launch of the company, calling it a significant development.

“This, in turn, represents the creation of jobs for Guyanese and vast revenue generation,” he stated.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh

Guyana, according to the Finance Minister, takes its environmental credentials “seriously” and as such, any venture that promotes more sustainable methods of environmental monitoring is “welcomed.”

“I think it’s extremely commendable that Guyanese companies spotted an opportunity to innovate, to enter a space where Guyanese companies had not entered, identified that there were technologies and skills that they did not have, seek out a credible international partner with a track record like Corena; engaged them, concluded a joint venture in the manner that you did, tendered, competed presumably with a significant number of other competitors – I would imagine, compete for business with ExxonMobil – and win a ten-year contract with ExxonMobil to do this particular function.

“I think this is something for which you should all be commended and applauded.”

Corena Group Partner and Director of SES, Paul Roach, said that the company has worked closely with ExxonMobil over the past 18 months to design a facility that caters for their needs. He said that the SES facility will be housed at GYBSI at Houston, East Bank Demerara and is currently being constructed.

“What we’re building is truly integrated in its design that will be able to deal with both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, as they are generally defined.

“From a commercial and technical standpoint, Exxon has been very non-committal in what they will deliver to us, so we’ve had to seriously think about how we size our facility to deal with what’s going to be thrown at us,” Roach stated.

The company is expected to provide jobs for 40 locals.

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