‘Money Changer’ shot, robbed on America St.


A 49-year-old ‘Money Changer’ is nursing a gunshot wound to his left leg after he was shot during a robbery on America Street, Avenue of the Republic, on Saturday morning.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that David Wilson was robbed of $600,000 cash at around 11:30hrs by two bandits on an XR motorcycle, which did not have a number plate.

Information revealed that Wilson was standing on the pavement of America Street when the suspects turned into the from Avenue of the Republic; Wilson approached them raising his hands in a gesture to change money.

They stopped, and the pillion rider jumped off the motorcycle brandishing a handgun and demanded the victim hand over the cash in his hands.

Wilson was reluctant and the suspect discharged a round to his upper left leg. He quickly gave them the cash and the perpetrators made good their escape on the said motorcycle.

Wilson was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is presently been treated for the injury. Investigations are continuing.

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