Masked bandits shoot at businessman’s son, escape with gold chain


A Triumph, East Coast Demerara businessman was relieved of his gold chain by two gun-toting bandits who accosted him and forced their way into his home.

Police said that incident occurred on Sunday at around 19:45hrs.  At the time of the robbery, the man’s son was also at home.

The police report said that the businessman, Wayne Evans called ‘Rasta Man’ was approached by the suspects who were both masked.

The son, according to police, averted being harmed when one of the suspects discharged a round in his direction after he opened the door; the bullet struck the door instead.

The suspects then reportedly relieved the businessman of his gold chain valued at $75,000 GYD. While escaping, the men fired another round in the direction of the businessman’s son.

Investigations are ongoing.

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