Dharamlall takes street lights to Sophia, residents say it will help control crime


Seen as a promise fulfilled and as part of a series of direct intervention by the central government in communities across Sophia, Greater Georgetown, some 20 street lights will soon be installed between Fields ‘A’ to ‘E’.

Residents were in high praise on Tuesday as they received the solar-powered lights from the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharmalall.

The minister explained that the lights were requested by the residents during one of his recent outreaches to the area. He had made a commitment to provide the street lights.

“We made a commitment to work in all communities, we said we will do the heavy lifting because we realised that the local democratic organs don’t have the resources to transform the communities,” the minister said.

Some of the street lights for residents of Sophia (Photo: News Room/May 4, 2021)

Residents believe with the installation of these lights, four in each Field, it will go a far way in deterring criminal activity.

“We would like to work with you to enhance your lives… when we were here the last time you said crime was a major issue… sometimes those who are alien to Sophia think there is no crime but perhaps this is the epicenter of the crime,” Dharamlall added.

Declaring that more support will come directly from the central government to Sophia, the minister said a series of other interventions were already made in the community.

It includes the employment of 20 Community Enhancement Workers (CEWs) on a monthly stipend of $35,000 per month. These CEWs will work a total of eight full days and will be responsible for ensuring the maintenance of drainage and community facilities.

President Irfaan Ali had also committed to building a pavilion in ‘C’ Field, which was also completed, along with several ongoing infrastructural works and social services.

Dharamlall encouraged the residents to reform their community policing groups and form new community development groups, through which, the government can work to steer development in the community.

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