Police arrest 15 persons in Bartica for not wearing face masks


Fifteen persons were arrested and released on bail in Bartica on Monday for not wearing a face mask during an enforcement exercise by the police.

It comes as the Joint Services ramp up its enforcement activities in an attempt to clamp down on persons who continue to disregard the gazetted COVID-19 guidelines.

Police said in a statement that the exercise was conducted between 19:00 hours and midnight

Several shops and liquor restaurants were visited and observed to be closed in keeping with the Covid-19 guidelines.

However, 15 persons were arrested for failing to wear a face mask and they were all placed on $5,000 cash bail.

The arrested Guyanese and Venezuelan nationals are expected to attend court as follows:

(1)Lailina  Dos Santos unemployed of Second Avenue – 2021-05-14

(2 )John Felix a miner of Third Avenue Bartica -2021-05-13

(3)Bhangony Garcia unemployed of Fourth Avenue Bartica -2021-05-12

(4 )Jobanny Pereira a miner of Fifth Avenue Bartica – 2021-05-14

(5) Daniel Moses a porter of Mongrippa Hill Bartica-2021-05-14

(6) Betzy Blanco unemployed female Venezuelan of Second Avenue Bartica-2021-05-13

(7)Magaiva Gonsalves an Inspector of G.N.B.S and Byderabo Road-2021-05-12

(8) Reon Jacobs a salesclerk of Fourth Avenue Bartica-2021-05-12

(9) Dane Philander a goldsmith of Second Avenue Bartica-2021-05-12

(10) Halimina Baksh a businesswoman of Fourth Avenue Bartica-2021-05-12

(11) Casidla Henry unemployed of First Avenue Bartica-2021-05-13

(12) Alpha Evans a businessman of First Avenue Bartica-2021-05-13

(13) Cros Knights a salesman of Second Avenue Bartica- 2021-05-12

(14) Rosanny Caracia a housewife of First  Avenue Bartica-2021-05-13

(15)Kevin Havercombe a businessman of Colidgen East coast Demerara- 2021-05-12

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