UG launches three master degrees in communication studies


The University of Guyana – Centre for Communications Studies – has announced three new Master of Communication Studies in three areas of specialisations: Strategic Communication, Social Change Communication, and Visual Communication.

This suite is part of 10 new programmes being offered by the University this Academic year which respond to the growing need for quality, affordable and relevant post-graduate programmes in Guyana and the Caribbean,” a press release from UG noted on Tuesday.

The curriculum development for the Master in Communication Studies programme commenced in 2017 with a task-force out of the office of Philanthropy, Alumni and Civic Engagement (PACE), headed by Nelsonia Persaud Budhram and Denise Hopkinson.

According to the release, the work was completed and headed by Dr Taijrani Rampersaud from September 2018 with key inputs from the lecturers and staff of the Centre for Communication Studies, the Registry, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and programme heads for other post-graduate programmes at the University.

Approved in April 2021, applications for the upcoming 2021/2022 Academic Year will be open on Monday, May 10, 2021. Anyone who has a good first degree is working in or desirous of working in a communication-based field and is or aspires to be part of management-related functions would be an ideal candidate.

The programme will be delivered in a blended fashion and will take two years to complete at roughly US$14,500 or US$7,200 per year.

Individuals interested in specialising in Social Change Communication can look forward to mastering various communication skills associated with the design, implementation and evaluation of various projects with the aim of creating positive social change within Guyana, the region, and the world.

Specialised classes in the major include: Communication and Social Change, Community Media and Public Sphere, Conflict, Peace, and Human Rights and Public Policy. Career opportunities include: Social Change Communication Consultant, Policy Analyst, Project Manager, Advocacy Officer, etc. Strategic Communication majors will grasp various aspects of commercial-related communication for the purpose of being able to efficiently represent their organisations to the communities in which they exist as well as the wider environment.

Specialized classes in the major include: Leadership Communication, Strategic Communication: Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Crisis Communication and Issues Management, Public Policy and Communicating Narratives – Beyond PowerPoint.

Career opportunities include: Research Analyst, Public Relations Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Corporate Communication Consultant, etc.

And finally, Visual Communications majors will master techniques associated with pre-production, production, and post-production with a strong focus on visual elements utilizing a variety of media with the broad aim of effectively communicating stories through visual productions.

They will be able to design, create, and package multimedia content of the highest quality for public consumption. Specialized classes in the major include: Introduction to Visual Communication, Animation Basics, Character Design and Animation, Art of Photography, Cinematography and Sound and Light Design.

Career opportunities include: Character Animator, Motion Graphic Designer, Cinematographer, Fine Art Photographer, Sound Engineer, Video & Audio Editor, Multimedia Producer, etc. For more information please contact the Centre for Communication Studies, University of Guyana:

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