COVID hotspots: Sophia, Kitty, Bartica, NA, Aishalton


As COVID-19 infections continue to rise daily, the government is keeping a close eye on several areas countrywide now identified as hotspots for the virus.

In his daily COVID update on Thursday, the Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, disclosed that Good Hope in Region Two; Bartica, in Region Seven; New Amsterdam, in Region Six; Aishalton in Region Nine; Sophia and Kitty in Region Four, are current hotspots for the dreaded virus.  Added to those areas, pockets still remain in Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara; Diamond, on the East Bank of Demerara and Tuschen on the East Bank of Essequibo, while Amelia’s Ward is also being closely monitored.

According to Dr Anthony, Currently, there are 1,971 active cases being monitored.  Dr Anthony explained there is a high number of cases in Amelia’s Ward, and even so, there is a heavy reluctance from persons to receive the vaccines.

“Persons need to come out and get their vaccines or risk a higher increase of cases in the area,” Dr Anthony said.

According to the Health Minister, about 8.6 per cent of adults in Region Ten have received their first vaccine dose, which represents a serious lag when compared to other densely populated areas.

Dr Anthony called on community leaders in Region Ten to partner with the Health Ministry to ensure that Guyanese in the area receive their jabs.  He also issued a similar call to community leaders in Regions Seven and Eight, noting that the ministry has observed an increase in COVID cases in these communities.

Meanwhile, Dr Anthony noted that only recently a group of persons who illegally crossed into Lethem, Region Nine from Brazil, were placed into isolation after they tested positive for the deadly virus.

The government, the minister said, continues to closely monitor Guyana’s borders, especially with Brazil, as cases with the new variants continue to spike daily in that country.

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