12 arrested for not wearing face masks in Berbice  


Twelve persons were arrested and released on bail for not wearing their facemasks, as police continue to ramp up enforcement activities to clamp down on Guyanese who blatantly disregard the COVID-19 guidelines.

According to reports, officers at Springlands, Corriverton, Berbice conducted a Covid-19 face mask exercise on the Springlands Public Road, targeting non-compliant hire care drivers and passengers.

Those twelve persons were arrested for failing to wear masks in public transportation and placed on $10,000 bail each.

They are as follows:

1. Dacia Mitchell of 67 Princetown Corentyne Berbice
2. Vishnu Budram of 276 #77 Housing Scheme Corentyne Berbice
3. Tajkumar Sookram of #72 Village Corentyne Berbice
4. Yogita Mangal of 22 Scottburg Corentyne Berbice
5. Zavita Wong of 53 Race Course, Corentyne, Berbice
6. Assiffigbeal Sattwan of 28 Section ‘E’ De Edwards Village WCB
7. Marvin McAndrew of #79 Village, Corentyne Berbice
8. Abigail McAndrew of #79 Village Corentyne Berbice
9. Rickey Singh of #72 Village Corentyne, Berbice
10. Nirmala Persaud of #79 Village, Corentyne Berbice
11. Cindy Ganie of #77 Housing Scheme, Corentyne Berbice
12. Jafaria Odla of Queentown, Corentyne Berbice

Police had also conducted a similar exercise in Bartica on two occasions; the first on Tuesday which saw 21 persons being arrested and released on $5000 bail each and the other on Wednesday which saw 21 persons being arrested for same offence. They were released on $10,000 bail each.

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