No report of anyone dying after being fully vaccinated – Health Minister


Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has assured that since Guyana rolled out its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, there has been no reported case of anyone dying after being fully vaccinated.

Dr. Anthony, in his COVID-19 update on Friday, said the Health Ministry has been closely monitoring persons who have received their first and second doses for drastic changes in their health.

But while no such case has been reported, the Minister was keen to point out that the possibility still exists for persons to become infected after receiving the vaccine.

“There is still a possibility that people can get infected but not a severe form of the disease.

“We have had a few cases like that – where persons became infected  – but we are monitoring that and have not seen adverse outcomes; and then those persons got their second dose and were generally okay afterward,” the Minister said.

The Minister reminded that the COVID-19 virus has a more detrimental effect on persons with underlying conditions, which is why it is important for those persons to get vaccinated.

Already, Guyana has seen a high number of older adults being vaccinated; more than 60% of persons 60 years and older have already received their first jab.

For those persons in the 40 years to 59 years category, 28.6% received their first dose while 20.9% received their first jab in the 18 to 39 years category.

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