President Ali courts mega investments in agriculture from U.S. companies


Over 150 companies from the United States looking to invest in Guyana, logged in to a virtual seminar on Monday, paying particular attention to the agriculture sector; President Irfaan Ali himself courted them with vast productive lands, fresh water and a government and country ready to do business.

President Ali outlined some investment opportunities in the sector which include, rice, sugar, corn, soya, coconut, spices, fruits and vegetables, agro-processing, agrochemical, the livestock sector (poultry, beef, dairy, sheep, and goat) and fisheries, and shrimp.

He said that Guyana has the potential of satisfying all of the Caribbean’s needs for poultry, beef, and other livestock along with freshwater fish.

“We have the land, we have the freshwater; but what we don’t have is the investment,” Dr Ali said, creating the pitch for investment.

He reiterated the need for mega investments in the agriculture sector which will bolster Guyana’s already existing ability to satisfy the regional market.

“What we need, as I said, are the investors who are ready to make the investments into large-scale mega facilities that will support the growth and development of these different sub-sectors.

“In terms of land availability, in every one of these areas, we have lands that are available. We have freshwater…and we have the critical infrastructure link that will allow you to move your produce from the field to the market or to the export facility as it is now,” the President stated.

President Irfaan Ali

The President was speaking at the second edition of the Business Webinar Series, where opportunities in Guyana’s Agriculture Sector were highlighted to US businesses. The event was organised by the United States Department of Commerce and the US Embassy in Guyana.

“I welcome you to a country that is open to doing business, that is ready to facilitate growth and development, and that is ready to help private investment to ensure that you have a decent return—a country and a market that believe inherently in the participation of the private sector,” the President stated.

US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch emphasized Guyana’s immense commercial opportunities, the importance of connecting with the U.S. Commercial Service and the U.S. Embassy, and the role of Guyana’s business support organizations in facilitating foreign direct investment and U.S. exports.



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