CANU intercepts over 200lbs of cannabis following Berbice operation


Ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) on Tuesday discovered 94 kilograms (207lbs) of cannabis after conducting an operation at No. 67 Village, Coriverton, Berbice.

According to reports, ranks from the anti-drug unit were conducting surveillance for a number of days at a location at No. 68 Village. At around 04:00hrs, the ranks reportedly observed three to four individuals with flashlights emerging from a track, close to their position. Lights were also seen on a vessel docked at the shoreline.

As the suspects approached, the ranks reportedly identified themselves and requested that they [the suspects] stop. Poor visibility reportedly caused the individuals to drop whatever items they were carrying and made good their escape, CANU noted in a release.

The ranks opted not to pursue due to concerns for their safety. Upon return to the spot, the ranks discovered four bags with several parcels inside of them.

The bags were transported to CANU’s headquarters where 80 parcels of cannabis were found.  A wanted bulletin has been issued for 47-year-old Omesh Lakeram, the suspect related to the matter.

Investigations are continuing.

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