City Council serves ‘Cease and Remove’ order to officials of illegal concrete plant – Mayor Narine


The City Engineer Department of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has asked three foreigners, who are setting up an unauthorised concrete plant at Houston Estates, adjacent to South Ruimveldt Gardens, Georgetown, to “cease and remove all unauthorised works immediately.”

That Order was reportedly served on Tuesday, three days after the High Court urged the relevant authorities, including the M&CC, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action in the matter.

The company which is setting up the plant – Superior Concrete Inc – was incorporated as a local company by three foreigners and has also been asked by the M&CC to await a response from the Council on the building plan application that was submitted.

Mayor Ubraj Narine has said, however, that the Council also intends to approach the High Court for an injunction to be granted to halt the operations.

“At yesterday’s statutory meeting, the Council took a decision to file an injunction on all projects at Houston Estates which do not have the approval to cease the work,” Narine told the News Room during a telephone interview on Tuesday.

He said the Council appointed the Deputy Mayor, Alfred Mentore, to lead the injunction and he is currently in talks with lawyers to have it filed as soon as possible.

Richard Shamlin, one of the directors of the company, is seen here telling the Housing Minister to remove from the premises (Photo: News Room/May 11, 2021)

Narine, who visited the site on Saturday last, said the construction of the concrete plant, along with other infrastructural works in the area, did not receive the rightful approval from the Council, the EPA or the CH&PA.

As it relates to Superior Concrete Inc., the M&CC is particularly concerned with the ongoing building works on the plot of land identified as S5 Area ‘S’ Houston, Georgetown and the erecting of a concrete fence around the land without permission.

The News Room understands that the facility is being set up on a portion of land facilitated by Guyanese, Andrew Mekdeci, and which is leased from the owner, Michael Vieira of Houston Estates.

Narine spoke with the News Room moments after Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal; Chief Executive Officer of the CH&PA, Sherwyn Greaves and other officials visited the location on Tuesday to serve a third Contravention Order.

Croal and his team was met with aggression and hostility by one of the Directors –Richard Shamlin – who asked him to leave the “private property”.

The road is now in a deplorable condition following the constant traversing of heavy-duty trucks to the site (Photo: Mayor and City Council/May 8, 2021)

The High Court on May 7, 2021, also entertained an application for an injunction, made by other landowners in the area, asking for the Court’s support in resolving the matter. The respondents named in the court documents were Michael Vieira, Andrew Mekdeci, Superior Concrete, Central Housing and Planning Authority, Environmental Protection Agency and the Mayor and City Council.

Additionally, residents say dozens of trucks, some of which belong to the Mekdeci MiningCorporation (MMC) whose principal is Andrew Mekdeci, are now traversing the streets on a constant basis. The road is now in a deplorable condition; it was recently repaved in the last few years.

  1. Matthew says

    If this man indeed asked a Minister of the Government to leave his “private property” he is a complete dolt. The Minister has every right to come as does the other relevant authorities.

  2. Matthew says

    Mr Mayor, surely your office standards are higher for dress code when on official business in the City.

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