Gov’t gives another director of illegal concrete factory 24hrs to leave Guyana after overstaying time


Hours after the Immigration Support Services revoked the work permit of Ian Jones, a director of the company setting up an illegal concrete plant in Guyana -Superior Concrete Inc – another director has been given 24 hours to leave the country.

That director is Richard Austin Shamlin, the same man who was seen abusing Housing officials of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) on Tuesday.

The News Room understands that Shamlin, who was granted a one-month visitor visa when he entered the country, was found to have overstayed on his visa. As a consequence, he was written to by Immigration Support Services and notified that he has 24 hours to pack up and leave. Failure to honour the Notice of Departure will see him being deported.

Meanwhile, in a previous letter, the government gave another director, Ian Jones, seven days with effect from May 12, 2021, to depart Guyana.

The immigration department discovered that Jones’ services were terminated by his previous employers – an oilfield company – but he continued to work in Guyana on the same work permit.

As such, the government moved to cancel the work permit and extension of stay, with the support of his previous employer.

A third Contravention Order was served on the company on Tuesday by the CH&PA after it was found that they illegally constructed a concrete plant in the community without the requisite permissions from the relevant authorities, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Mayor and City Council (M&CC).

The News Room understands that when the first Order was issued to the company, it was Jones who tore it up and discarded it.

Ian Jones, one of the Directors of Superior Concrete Inc

In addition, the City Engineer Department of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has asked the three foreigners to “cease and remove all unauthorised works immediately.”

Mayor Ubraj Narine has said, however, that the Council intends to approach the High Court for an injunction to be granted to halt the operations.

When the News Room visited the area on Wednesday there was no one in sight; all works had stopped and the MMC vehicles that were previously on the premise were removed.

The News Room has reported that the facility is being set up by three foreigners, who have incorporated a local company. Apart from Shamlin and Jones, the other Director is Maxwell Snow.

Snow was the person who received the Contravention Order on Tuesday from the Housing Officials.

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