Over 8,000 vehicles registered under PZZ series; PAB series next


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has registered over 8,000 privately owned/operated vehicles under the PZZ registration series in the past eight months.

With that series nearing an end, the GRA will soon begin registering vehicles under a new series identified by a GRA official to be – PAB.

The current PZZ series began in September 2020 and will end when 9999 vehicles have been registered under that series.

The GRA official to the News Room on Thursday that the new series – PAB – is projected to begin by July, based on the current rate of registration. There are about 1,500 vehicles left to be registered under the PZZ series before it comes to a close.

Meanwhile, the News Room has also learnt that the CK motorcycle series is also coming to an end. That series started in July 2019.

The next motorcycle series will be CL.

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