Businesswoman admits she fabricated story about getting robbed – Police


A 51-year-old businesswoman who told police that she was robbed Sunday night of cash amounting to $500,000 by a bandit, who she said spoke to her in a foreign language, has now admitted she fabricated the story.

The woman reportedly confessed to police that the robbery never happened.

In an update on Monday evening, police said that based on information received, the woman was questioned again about the robbery and later admitted to ranks that she was not robbed and that the report was a fabrication.

The story, according to police, has switched as a security guard is now claiming that he lost the cash, reportedly given to him by a third party to purchase items; the security guard and the businesswoman reportedly did not want to reveal that the money was lost and so she fabricated the story of being robbed.

The businesswoman and rhe security have been arrested and remain in police custody.

Earlier, police had reported that they were on the hunt for a man and his two accomplices said to be “mixed males suspected to be foreigners” after the businesswoman made the claim.

According to a Police statement, the woman claimed that she and a 33-year-old Transport Security Guard left home around 20:00 hrs and were walking to the waterfront area in Port Kaituma, Region One. While passing the Port Kaituma District Hospital, she claimed, they were approached by the suspects who walked towards them from the opposite direction and were all dressed in dark clothing.

The woman further lied, telling Police that one of the suspects whipped out a firearm and spoke in a language that the victims could not understand.

Then, according to the story she concocted, the businesswoman said the man took away her handbag with the $500,000 before escaping with his accomplices.

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  1. Matthew says

    You need one “mastermind” to commit a successful crime. These two did not have one between them.

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