GNBS burns 290,000 packets of cigarettes without proper labels and markings


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) on Tuesday said it destroyed 290,000 packs of imported cigarettes in Lethem Region 9 because they were found to be without the proper labelling and marking requirements.

In a statement, the GNBS said the cigarettes were branded US Mild 1 and imported by a city business.

During what GNBS said was a routine surveillance inspection, its inspectors found that the importation of the cigarettes was not in compliance with the Tobacco Regulations of 2018.

“After a prolong period of storage, a decision was taken by the distributor in conjunction with the GNBS to destroy the item,” the Bureau stated.

The GNBS has urged that importers and dealers of cigarettes to become familiar with the Tobacco Regulations to ensure imported cigarettes are fully in compliance at the time of importation.

The Bureau said its inspectors will remain vigilant to ensure there is not a prevalence of noncomplying cigarettes on sale in the city and other outlying areas.

The GNBS monitors the labelling and quality of products to ensure consumer protection. In addition to Cigarettes, the National Standards Body monitors Domestic Electrical/Electronic Appliances, Weighing and Measuring Devices, Textiles, Garments, Footwear, Safety Helmets, Safety Matches, New and Used Tyres, Gas Stoves, Electrical Equipment and fittings, PVC Pipes, Furniture, Christmas tree and Decorative Lighting Outfits, Cellular Phones and Gold Jewellery.

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