Intoxicated La Grange businessman allegedly forced police patrol off the road 


The Guyana Police Force on Wednesday reported an incident involving its ranks and a West Bank Demerara businessman, who after being accused of forcing a police patrol off the road, refused to submit himself to a breathalyzer test and behaved in a disorderly manner for hours.

The incident involving 29-year-old Mohammed Alladin of La Grange, West Bank Demerara, occurred just before midnight on Tuesday, during curfew hours.

According to the police, ranks performing duties at the Mc Doom area alerted their colleagues on the western side of the Demerara Harbour Bridge of a speeding vehicle that was headed their way after forcing the police patrol off the road.

A short while after, the dark blue pickup, bearing registration #GZZ 200, was stopped at the western end of the bridge.

The businessman, who was driving at the time, was accompanied by another “identifiable” male in the front passenger seat. The driver was told of the allegation made against him, which, he denied.

While the driver was being engaged by the police, it was observed that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. When asked to subject himself to a breathalyzer test, he refused and started behaving disorderly, police said.

At that stage, he was questioned about a firearm seen in his waist, to which he produced a license. The rank took possession of his firearm out of caution for public safety and after a lengthy delay, he was escorted to the La Grange Police Station along with his vehicle.

While at the station, the businessman reportedly continued to behave disorderly in the presence of other ranks. He was warned several times of his behaviour, which he continued to demonstrate and was subsequently placed into custody.

The driver later subjected himself to a breathalyzer test with the first reading recorded at 125mg and second 147mg, but he refused to sign the slips, police said.

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