Slack electrical slot connection caused Sharon’s Mall fire – Fire Chief


Close to a month after a huge inferno ravaged the Sharon’s Mall in Georgetown, investigations have concluded and it was discovered that a slack electrical slot inside the building sparked and ignited materials on the first floor.

“It was due to a prolong slack connection in the building that caused a sparking and sparking, which subsequently, ignited some nearby combustibles and resulted in the fire,” Fire Chief, Kalamadeen Edoo revealed to the News Room on Thursday during a telephone interview.

Fire Chief, Kalamadeen Edoo (Photo: News Room/April 29, 2021)

The Fire Chief further noted that the building was not outfitted with the requisite fire safety equipment mandated for a high-rise building.

It only contained a “few fire extinguishers”, he said.  The Mall, located at the corner of King and Charlotte Streets, Georgetown, was completed gutted at around 19:30hrs on April 28; the fire reportedly started at around 16:00hrs. four firefighters were injured attempting to quell the blaze.

The fire was merely thick black smoke emanating from the building but later on, a loud explosion was heard and a huge fire engulfed the top flat of the building and travelled down, sending shards of hot glass flying into the streets.

The Sharon’s Mall housed law offices, clothing stores, electronic stores, salons and cafes; all of which were completely destroyed resulting in millions in losses.

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