Pregnant woman beaten by irate funeral-goer who blocked access to her house

- Princes Street residents call for police intervention


A woman, just six-month pregnant, was on Thursday reportedly shoved to the ground and beaten by an irate man, who blocked access to her Princes Street house during a funeral on Thursday at Le Repentir Cemetery in Georgetown.

Amandi Brotherson, who resides opposite the cemetery, told the News Room on Friday, that the behaviour of funeral-goers is “atrocious” and on Thursday, it went to the extreme.

The woman explained that at around 18:45 hrs, a large crowd of funeral-goers had blocked the passageway to her yard, preventing her brother from entering with his vehicle. When he asked them to remove, an argument ensued between him and a man who quickly became violent.

The irate man, according to the woman, had a gun in his waist and rushed into their yard, attempting to kick down the door to her house.

A muddy boot print left by the suspect who tried to kick down Amandi Brotherson’s door (Photo: News Room/ May 21, 2021)

“I intervened when the man and my brother started argued, and then he started breaking down the door, and in the midst of that, the man turned and held on to me and started punching me.

“He threw me to the ground and started kicking me and it was a whole big commotion out here,” the distraught Brotherson told the News Room.

“I am not sure if he was drunk but that is no excuse and he saw my belly, he saw that I was pregnant.”

Brotherson relayed that before the suspect was hauled away by family members, he scratched her brother’s vehicle. A report was lodged at the Brickdam Police Station.

Meanwhile, the residents of Princes Street called on law enforcement to immediately intervene as they pointed out the constant abuse meted out to them by persons who gather in the area for funerals.

Candace Brotherson, Amandi’s mother, told the News Room that the situation has been ongoing for two years – since the cemetery extended.

Candace Brotherson (Photo: News Room/ May 21, 2021)

“It is getting from bad to worse. Every day is a commotion. Imagine they refused to move out the way. You have a dance out here when is funeral time and it was about minutes to seven when this thing happen. Is night funeral out here.

“When people come, they on your step, parking in your yard, taking over the whole place, you living here but got to go til around Mandela to get to your house. It is a gross disrespect to the people living here. They pissing all over your yard, it is terrible and we need help,” the woman lamented.

Another Princes Street resident, who did not want to be named, relayed to the News Room that the residents are subjected to gunshots, lewd music, and explicit language whenever there is a funeral.

“I have two kids and every time, there is noise or people shooting they gun in the air. One set of loud music and it is unbearable now man.  We need someone to intervene here because we cannot continue living like this,” the resident said.

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