Deadly highway crash: Family denies police report that driver was not intoxicated


The driver behind the wheel of the car that plowed into five members sitting on the Kairuni Public Road, Soesdyke/Linden Highway on Sunday was heavily intoxicated, a relative has claimed, refuting police reports.

Sixteen-year-old Ashante Stoll, the granddaughter of Anthonia Henry, saw when the car crashed into her family, killing her grandmother Anthonia Henry, her aunt Melina Emmanuel and her cousin Akeiza Jerome.

She also said she approached the driver after the accident.

“You coulda smell the alcohol on he breath. So I tell him, ‘driver, you mouth smelling like you were drinking’, ” the granddaughter recalled.

As others gathered at the scene and Ashante rushed to get help for her injured relatives, the driver disappeared. He was subsequently arrested.

“A breathalyzer test was carried out on the driver; however, no alcohol was found in his bloodstream,” Police headquarters stated.

The driver was identified as 39-year-old, Kevin Bizzeth, a fireman of Rainbow City, Mackenzie, Linden. Bizzeth was driving a black Toyota 212, bearing the number plate PHH 6628, when the vehicle sped off the road and crashed into the family.

Subsequently, eight-year-old, Akezie Jerome; her grandmother, Meliena Emmanuel and great-grandmother, Antonia Henry died.

The car which slammed into the family was abandoned by the driver and was destroyed by relatives.

Ashante said that at around 22:00hrs Sunday, her brother and uncle left to make a purchase at a nearby shop.

Minutes later, the grandmother, Anthonia, asked that Ashante and the others accompany them.

“She tell me let we go and follow them and me and my aunty and them children went out. When we didn’t see my uncle them, granny sit down on the curb.”

Ashante explained to the News Room that minutes later, she noticed a vehicle approaching at a fast rate.

Sensing danger, she quickly asked that her family retreat inside and merely seconds later, disaster struck.

“I see the car coming with one full speed and I seh, ‘Granny y’all let we going inside before something happen.’ And just after I said duh, I see the car swerve and run right into granny them and then swerve again and stop on the other side.”

Also injured in the accident was eight-year-old Alina Ann Persaud (Photo: News Room/ May 24, 2021)

Nearby residents who heard the commotion rushed out and helped the family transport those who were injured to receive medical attention.

The young woman’s grandfather, 56-year-old Rodwell Jerome and another cousin, eight-year-old Alina Ann Persaud, are currently hospitalised.

Jerome is under observation at the Mackenzie Hospital, while Alina is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The police have reported that the driver was proceeding “at a fast rate of speed.”

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