GR taxi driver robbed by female, male bandits in Agricola


Police have arrested a 19-year-old male suspect in connection with the armed robbery of a 31-year-old taxi driver, attached to GR taxi service, which occurred in First Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Monday night.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the driver was beaten in the head with a gun, and robbed of his Samsung Galaxy J-7 cell phone valued at $47,000, $10,000 in cash and his documents. The robbery occurred at around 19:45 hrs.

Enquires disclosed that the victim went to make a pick up and the three perpetrators (two males and a female) entered ​​the car and requested to be taken to First Street, Agricola.

Upon arrival to the said location, the bandit, who was seated in the front passenger seat, put the gear stick into park and they all pointed guns at the victim.

Two of the perpetrators carried out a search and took away the victim’s belongings; they then escapes on foot east along a dam.

A report was made at the Agricola Police Outpost and the patrol escorted the victim into Agricola where he pointed out the 19-year-old as one of the bandits. Investigations are ongoing.

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