GCF rules Crawford official winner of National Senior Road Race after UCI review

- Briton John fined, relegated to fourth


Berbician Romello Crawford is the 2021 Senior National Cycling Champion after the review of Sunday’s Road Race was completed by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body for the sport.

At the end of the 100-mile race, Briton John, Crawford, Paul DeNobrega, Christopher Griffith, and Walter Grant-Stuart crossed the finish line in that order, but there was an issue of whether John would have breached race rules by not holding his lane in the frenetic finish.

After the review process, it was ruled that John indeed breached the rules and was relegated to fourth place and fined G$20,000.

According to the report submitted by the Racing Secretary of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF), Malcom Sonaram, “On reviewing the finish line and the footage from the rear cameras it was evident that Mr. Briton John started the sprint and deviated from his line on multiple occasions resulting in him obstructing the other competitors during the sprint.”

Briton John was first to cross the line, but Romello Crawford and Paul DeNobrega were appealing at the finish

UCI cycling regulations state: “Deviation from the chosen line that obstructs or endangers another rider or irregular sprint (including pulling the jersey or saddle of another rider, intimidation or threat, blow from the head, knee, elbow, shoulder, hand, etc.).

Those infringements would result in “fine and relegation to last place in the rider’s group”, and “in serious cases and/or in cases of repeated infringement and/or aggravating circumstances or if an infringement offers an advantage, the Commissaires’ Panel may eliminate or disqualify a rider.”

According to the GCF report, John is a “repeat offender” and needed to be “penalised stringently.”

However, Sonaram, who had the final decision, opted for the reduced imposition of a fine and relegation.

Also part of the review process was the President of the GCF, Linden Dowridge, Third Vice-President of the GCF Enzo Mathews, another of UCI Commissaries Andrew Arjoon and Jeffrey Yearwood, along with Peter Dunne – UCI Commissaire, Earl Van Wilgen – UCI Commissaire and Cyril Mangal – Secretary of the Caribbean Cycling Federation.

However, Arjoon recused himself from making a decision due to his cyclist being involved in the sprint finish, while Dowridge and Sonaram acted as observers to the deliberations over the video evidence provided.

The cyclists had assembled for the start at Banks DIH (Rotunda Square) and started at 07:30h.

The race proceeded along the East Bank road to the Soesdyke/Linden Highway to Kuparuni where they turned around and returned to Banks DIH for the finish. There were 20 starters of which nine finished.

Crawford finished in a time of 4:17:07s, followed by DeNobrega, Griffith, John, Grant-Stuart (4:17:20s), Deeraj Gharbarran (4:20:35s), Adealie Hodge (4:29:03s), Curtis Dey and Jamaul John.

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