‘May 1966 laid the foundation for a good life for all’ – PNCR says in Independence Day message


PNCR’s message on Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary:

The People’s National Congress greets all Guyanese on the happy occasion of our nation’s 55th Independence anniversary. Independence on 26th May 1966 was a transformative event that laid the foundation for a good life for all.

Our visionary first Prime Minister – Forbes Burnham – embarked on a transformative programme of renewal. His administration led public education enhancement including the construction of the Cyril Potter College of Education, University of Guyana campus and multilateral schools in coastal regions and public infrastructural development through the construction of the Timehri International Airport, Linden-Soesdyke Highway, coastal sea-defence and coastal road networks from Skeldon to Parika.

The People’s National Congress, during the first decade of Independence, contributed to social cohesion by ensuring that Islamic and Hindu holy festivals were observed as national holidays; to securing Indigenous people’s land rights by establishing the Amerindian Lands Commission; to territorial defence with the establishment of the Guyana Defence Force; to regional integration by contributing to the establishment of the Caribbean Community and to housing development; hinterland development; youth development and much more.

Guyana was able to make a good start as an independent nation despite emerging from the worst period of civil violence, economic bankruptcy and political turmoil. It became respected for its efforts at advancing the cause of the small, developing states, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Independence celebrations this year will be restrained as a result of the huge death toll caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the damage to households caused by the unprecedented dismissal of public servants who are parents and the ominous resurgence of narcotics-trafficking, criminal violence and environmental degradation.

Independence Day reminds the nation, also, of its debt to doctors, nurses and other workers in the public health system who have been engaged continuously in protecting our people from the ravages of the pandemic.

The People’s National Congress wishes everyone a Happy 55th Independence anniversary!

People’s National Congress,

Congress Place,

Sophia, Georgetown

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