‘Stop these deaths, stop the anguish, stop the grief’ – Dr. Ali urges all to be vaccinated against COVID


In a passionate appeal to citizens on the occasion of Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary, President Irfaan Ali has urged each and every adult Guyanese to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

He said with more than 16,000 Guyanese already infected with the dreadful coronavirus and, sadly, more than 360 of them have died, vaccination has become necessary.

“We mourn those deaths and sympathise with the families who have lost loved ones.

“I plead with all to help stop these deaths; stop the tears of anguish; stop the grief,” the President said.

Already 12 percent of Guyana’s population has received both doses of the vaccines.

The President believes this is a significant accomplishment in a world where less than one per cent of people in the developing countries have access to vaccines, and where recent World Health Organisation (WHO) studies suggest that more than six million people have died globally.

“Vaccination saves lives.  My brothers and sisters please let us get vaccinated, let us take each other and get vaccination, so that we can return to normalcy as fast as possible,” he added.

Guyana already purchased thousands of vaccines with Dr. Ali once again assuring that the government is sparing no expense in ensuring that the country has enough vaccines to cover its full population, 18 and above.

“Our objective is to ensure that we can inoculate everyone from this dreadful virus. The length of this battle depends on how soon each of us is fully vaccinated, liberating ourselves to return to a high level of normal life, and protecting others from infection,” he added in his independence address to the nation on Tuesday night.

He urged all citizens to recognise the value to their own lives and the lives of their family and friends, by vaccinating to defeat the coronavirus.

While underscoring the government efforts to protect every person in Guyana, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, Dr. Ali said the active participation of all is also required to deploy the protective measures of masks, physical distancing, hand-washing and using sanitisers.

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