10lbs ganja found in minibus during roadblock


Police have arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with the discovery of ten pounds of marijuana inside a passenger minibus during a roadblock at the Fort Wellington Police Station on Wednesday.

Police Headquarters, in a report, noted that ranks acted on a tip-off and stopped the minibus BYY 5866 at around 18:57hrs with ten passengers and the driver.

The minibus was escorted into the station’s compound where a search was conducted in the presence of all the occupants and the driver. Under the conductor’s seat, the police found a red, white and blue (Nike) travelling bag that contained two wrapped parcels of marijuana.

It was revealed that the bag belonged to the male passenger who joined the minibus at Rosignol. Police said the suspect was told of the offence, arrested, and denied the offence.

He remains in custody pending charges.

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