Double murder rocks Coomacka Mines


A man, who was released from prison last month and went to live with his uncle, is believed to have chopped him to death moments before he too was found dead with chop wounds about his body.

Police said the double murder occurred in the wee hours of Saturday at Three Friends, Coomacka Mines, Region 10 and involved 58-year-old Leonard Reece and 36-year-old Roald Wong, who is said to be of unsound mind.

According to a statement from Police Headquarters, during the month of April 2021, Wong was released from prison after he was convicted for attempted murder; he then went to live with his uncle, Reece who would usually cook for him on a daily basis.

Around 1:30hrs, Reece’s brother, Maurice Reece, claimed he received a phone call from his niece, Marlyn Lyckerish, who told him that Wong had chopped his brother.

He subsequently went to the Mackenzie Police station and made a report.

Police said the Chairman of Three Friends, Coomacka Mines, who lives about two houses away from Leonard, claimed that she was awoken by sounds from his house. She immediately went out on her verandah when she saw someone jumped from the eastern window and shouted “murder” twice.

She raised an alarm and other neighbours came out and went over to the house where the gruesome discovery was made.

Leonard’s body was seen with several wounds covered in blood while wearing only his underwear; Wong’s body was also found in a paddle boat in the river, lying facedown with several wounds.

Police said the scene is still being processed; persons are currently being interviewed and statements are being taken.

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