Fmr. national footballer tied up, robbed at gunpoint


Former national football player, Vurlon Mills, was robbed at gunpoint in his 94 Cuyuni Street, Lamaha Springs, Georgetown apartment in the wee hours of Friday.

In relating the horrific ordeal, Mills told the News Room on Sunday that two masked gunmen entered his home at around 03:30h – 04:00h, placed a gun to his head and said, “don’t move or else we will shoot you in your head.”

According to the 33-year-old, he only knew of the men’s presence when they opened his bedroom door; he was alone at the time of the ordeal.

Vurlon Mills

They then proceeded to bound his hands and feet and placed sheets and clothes on his body, which prevented him from seeing what they were doing but he heard as they ransacked the house and kept asking for money and jewelry.

The gunmen stole his television, laptop, cellular phone, pot sets, bathroom mats, his branded Vurlon Mills Academy gear, sneakers, and packed them into his Nissan Juke car and made their escape.

Mills, still with his hands bounded one hour after, went on the road appealing for help from his neighbours, who called the police. He approximated those losses from his home to be in excess of $1M.

Mills’ ransacked apartment after the robbery

Lamaha Springs is called the “Home of the Joint Services” due to the number of persons from the Armed Forces residing in the area.

Mills said the Guyana Police Force indicated they recovered the car along the Eastern Highway (close to the Sophia Exhibition Centre) at around 13:00h on Friday.

He has a ‘For Sale’ sign on the vehicle which allowed the police to contact him via his aunt.

Mills’ ransacked apartment after the robbery

The police have dusted both the car and the house for fingerprints and an investigation is ongoing.

“I am glad that the car is recovered and I have my life which is most important. Thank God for life, everything else materially you can always get back once you have life”, he expressed.

Mills retired from the international game in April 2020, and has since been an active Youth Coach with the Guyana Football Federation and his Vurlon Mills Football Academy.

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