Disconnected GWI customers have until June 30 to rejoin with 50% cut on bill


Tackling the challenge of increasing its revenue collection, the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) has taken a decision to extend its customer assistance promotion (CAP) to June 30, 2021.

Through the promotion, which should have ended on May 31, 2021, customers who have been disconnected from the services of the utility company are being entered into payments plans to rejoin.

Specifically, disconnected customers are being offered a 50% cut on the outstanding bill and another 50% cut on the reconnection, penalty and replacement fee.  The discount is also being offered for tampering, replacement and illegal connection fees for domestic customers. The GWI is also looking to regularise persons who currently have illegal connections after their services were removed.

The Chief Executive Officer, Shaik Baksh, said thousands of customers have already benefited from the rebate in recent months.

He hopes that the extension will see thousands more disconnected customers rejoining.

“We are bringing them on back… it’s a good programme and plus a payment plan. We are urging all our customers to come forward and pay so we can maintain and improve the service,” the GWI CEO had said at a press conference last week.

Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Incorporated, Mr. Shaik Baksh (Photo: DPI)

Baksh said it is important that customers contact GWI quickly and enter into a payment arrangement to settle their bill. These can be tailored to suit individual financial circumstances but must be kept and the accounts cleared within the agreed timescale.

“I urge all to come forward and I urge those who are paying regularly to continue doing so in the interest of having a good water r supply as we move along,” he added.

Once the promotion me ends on June 30, customers with arrears will eventually be disconnected and face increased costs to get the supply back on.

GWI personnel are visiting communities to help customers with illegal connections and tampered services to become regularised.

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