Sexual advances by prisoner result in prison fight  


An inmate of the New Amsterdam Prison in Berbice, who reportedly made sexual advances to another, was seriously injured in a scuffle that ensued at the penitentiary on Monday.

Police in a statement said, at about 12:30 hours, 40—year – old Davendra Samawru was approached by Ravin Ramdehol while he was about to take a shower in the bathroom.

Ramdehol went to the area and told Samawru that he was giving away cigarettes and weed for sex, the police revealed in a report.

Samawru quickly exited the area, without his underwear, but was followed by Ramdehol and an argument over his underwear ensued.

It is further alleged that the Ramdehol then brandished a razor blade and inflicted injuries to Samawru’s lower right arm and a scuffle ensued.

They were both taken to the medical area of the facility where the accused was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital due to the seriousness of his injuries. The victim’s condition is listed as serious but stable.


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