GCCI pleased that Lowenfield, Myers & Mingo are being held accountable


See below full statement by the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry on developments at GECOM and the need for electoral reform:

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) wishes to state that it is pleased that there have been developments to hold recalcitrant officers of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) accountable for their partial and perverse actions during General and Regional Elections (GRE) 2020.

The GCCI, an accredited observer to the GRE 2020, witnessed several acts of obfuscation, open defiance to the instructions of the Commission and the Courts, by agents who are duty-bound to uphold the law. Their open defiance and abdication of their statutory responsibility placed Guyana in a precarious situation where attempts at subverting the will of the people could have placed our country in the league of pariah states.

The GCCI urges that this stark reminder of our difficult history during undemocratic days be used as the impetus to undertake the necessary reforms to the electoral process. Therefore, the GCCI calls on the leadership of Guyana to ensure that the electoral reform process is undertaken, with greatest of urgency.

The GCCI anticipates the input and involvement of a wide range of stakeholders, so as to be able to solicit ideas on the strongest sets of reforms as possible. It is imperative that these reforms are undertaken to ensure that the inalienable rights of every citizen of Guyana are protected, and that our democracy – a pre-condition to a growing economy – is fortified in its safeguarding.


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