Kaneville man chopped, beaten by bandits during home invasion


Five bandits, armed with cutlasses and a gun, broke into the house of a Kaneville, East Bank Demerara man and his family in the wee hours of Thursday, where they chopped, beat and robbed him.

Police Headquarters, in a release, noted that the bandits escaped with a 43 inch Samsung smart television valued at $232,000; six birds; $220,000 in cash; three handbags valued at $9,000 which contained three silver chains valued at $15,000; three silver rings valued at $15,000; one grey and pink Samsung A10 cell phone valued at $42,000 and one Blu cellphone valued at $28,000.

Police said that the 52-year-old driver and his 36-year-old wife secured their house at around 21:00hrs and retired to bed.

At about 02:00hrs, they were awoken by repeated loud banging on the western door.  As the man went to investigate, he was confronted by the perpetrators in the living room area, who had already forced their way into the house by breaking open the door.

One of the perpetrators chopped him to his head and demanded cash and valuables. The five men then began to ransack the house. Not satisfied, the perpetrators demanded more money, which the victim told them he does not have, hence the perpetrators began to beat him about his body with their cutlasses and threatened to shoot him.

The perpetrators eventually left, making good their escapes in an unknown direction. The injured victim was escorted to the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

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