Edghill signs long-term contract with Smalta


Ansa McAl Trading, through its Smalta brand, has signed National Table Tennis prodigy Chelsea Edghill to a long-term contract as its newest Brand Ambassador ahead of her Olympic journey in Tokyo.

Edghill, who is a former Under-21 Caribbean Champion and 2018 National Sports Woman of the Year, recently got her ticket for the Olympics, a first for the sport of Table Tennis.

However, the contract will not just be for the Olympics, but will also last until 2022 as Smalta aims to foster a significant partnership with the rising star.

The Lindenwood University graduate expressed her gratitude to Smalta and highlighted during the contract signing that this is probably a first for any athlete in amateur sports aspiring to be a professional in Guyana.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with a brand like Smalta, I’m happy with this route that this brand has taken as it pertains to supporting athletes, the investing approach is a pioneering one. This partnership will go a long way with supporting my efforts at home and abroad to achieving the goals set for the future.

“This opportunity also paves the way for future athletes of Guyana who will one day aspire to greatness. Once again, I’d like to say thank you to the Smalta brand for seeing the potential and acknowledging my abilities as an athlete and individual,” Chelsea noted.

CBL Brand Coordinator, Treiston Joseph, hands over Smalta gear to Table Tennis prodigy Chelsea Edghill

Country Manager of Carib Brewery Limited (CBL), Kelvin Singh, noted that this was a significant moment for Smalta.

“We are extremely happy and proud to partner with Chelsea Edghill as a Brand Ambassador to the Smalta Brand, this a strategic partnership we are looking to continue beyond the Olympic Games and the next 12 months as Chelsea continues to evolve and take her career to the next level.

“Also, we would like to thank Chelsea and her team for working with us to finalise this agreement within such as short time frame. All engagements and communications have been great. On behalf of the team, I would like to wish Chelsea safe travels to her various destinations to reach Tokyo, and best of luck for the Olympics. Do continue to inspire, motivate, and make your fans, family, and country proud.” Singh expressed during the contract signing.

Further, Brand Manager for Smalta, Gabriell Lopes, made it clear that Smalta views sport development as critical to the brand.

“Chelsea has persevered, and your hard work is paying off and Smalta is proud to partner with you. Smalta believes in the development of our youths and sports and we want to show our support with Chelsea as she heads to the Olympics.” Lopes stated.

The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA), in a statement, shared that such relationships between corporate Guyana and athletes foster development of the athlete.

“This is ground-breaking and pioneering move on behalf of the company in the sponsorship approach and agreement with Chelsea in terms of the long term arrangement, the elements and tenants of the contractual arrangements which considers understands that the sponsorship provided is athlete centered.

“It gives Chelsea the scope to engage with multiple sponsors of non-competing product lines and with simple athlete contribution elements… the GTTA would like to truly express our gratitude to Smalta and all the management and staff of this caring company for partnering with Chelsea on her quest for excellence,” the statement said.

Edghill is set to depart for Portugal where she trains, before heading to Tokyo for the Olympics that will begin on July 23.

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