Flood-affected Reg. 10 still ‘critical’ – Regional Chairman


Though floodwaters have started to recede in some parts of the country, the water level in parts of Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) continues to cover roadways and residents’ houses, according to Regional Chairman, Deron Adams.

During a telephone interview with the News Room on Tuesday, Adams said that the situation in the region was still “critical” due to the high water level. Resultantly, the regional authorities were forced to set up additional shelters at Rockstone and Hururu to evacuate residents whose houses are inundated.

“Water went down about two inches at Kwakwani, but it is still high and some houses are still covered, Rockstone is the same. So while the other parts of the country might have seen the water receding, in Region 10 we’re still at a critical stage,” Adams said.

At the Kwakwani and Aroaima shelters, the regional chairman highlighted that the residents housed there have enough supplies to last them at least another week.

Only last Saturday, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud took supplies for some of the flood-affected residents and those in shelters. Still, Adams said that mattresses and cots are needed at the Rockstone shelters while baby care items are needed at the Hururu shelters.

Importantly, he related that the regional authorities have activated the Region 10 Disaster and Preparedness and Relief Committee to help mitigate the flooding situation in the region.

Already, he said, this committee has been able to establish a bond in Amelia’s Ward for relief supplies. He also said that the regional authorities would be establishing a food bank to cater for a potential food shortage.

In the interim, the regional authorities have been partnering with a number of stakeholders including members of the diaspora and churches in the region to mobilise support for the flood-affected region.

In Kwakwani, one of the hardest-hit communities in Region 10, some of the residents have been considering whether they should relocate.

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