Partnership with Chinese Embassy to reduce electricity costs at Everest by 60%


A partnership with the Chinese Embassy will see the Everest Cricket Club reducing its electricity costs by 60 percent, says President of the Club and Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir.

The Club has been on an expansive infrastructural development drive, and according to Nadir, this new arrangement will help to significantly improve services at the Camp Road club.

On Tuesday, Nadir and other representatives of the Club met with Charge D’Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Chen Xilai, and details of this latest project were conveyed to the media.

“In spite of what we are going to expect in terms of electricity rates, sport organisations have to pay for electricity at the commercial rate, not at the residential rate, and those rate are very high,” Nadir explained.

“So one of the projects that was conceived was a hybrid solar system to power the club. His Excellency (Chen Xilai) has gladly agreed to support this programme and in two months Everest will be powered by solar during the day solely.”

The hybrid system will power the Club’s air conditioning units, dressing rooms, squash court, tennis room and bar, the President highlighted.

“And there will be back-up in the event there is power outage in the evening, so we can continue offering our services to our members. This is going to help Everest reduce its electricity costs between 50 and 60 percent,” Nadir related.

Charge D’Affairs Chen Xilai said this is another step in the Embassy’s efforts to support sport development in Guyana.

“We have been supporting the development of sport in Guyana for the last decade, and for this project we’re going to cooperate with the Everest Club to provide electrical system to the Club. We hope that through this assistance the Club will be able to provide all of it services to the athletes.”

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