CDC gets US$10,000 donation to aid flood relief from ICD  


The flood relief efforts of Guyana’s Civil Defence Commission (CDC) received a further boost with a US$10,723 donation from the International Center for Democracy (ICD).

In a release on Tuesday, the New York based organisation said the donation was made in collaboration with its partners in the religious community and private organisations.

“The ICD is committed to ensuring that democracy prevails in Guyana but also through our charitable work and contribution assist the Guyanese people during these difficult times,” the release said.

“It is the hope of the ICD that this contribution will help to mitigate some of the suffering Guyanese are facing,” it added.

Further, the ICD said it is continuing to work with other organisations to bring additional aid to Guyana in the coming weeks.

Since kickstarting its countrywide flood relief effort, the CDC has received overwhelming support from Guyana’s private sector.

Its response will be further boosted after Parliament approved $10 billion in funding to be used for a series of flood relief measures.

The CDC has also engaged the European Union (EU) and Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and both bodies have offered to assist Guyana.

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