Joint Services Council warns citizens against reckless, irresponsible social commentary


The Joint Services Co-ordinating Council (JSCC) is cautioning citizens against reckless and irresponsible social commentary which could have a damaging effect on society.

In particular, the Joint Services Council said “the allegation that a senior Officer of the Guyana Defence Force is to head a ‘killing squad’ is outrageous.”

The Council is made up of the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Prisons, the Chief Fire Officer and specified Senior Officers of these services. The Chief of Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess, is the head.

The Council, in a statement, said it has noted a document in circulation “which serves to implicate members of the Joint Services in illegal activities and wishes to make it clear that Operational Troops remain under the command and administration of the Joint Services.”

The Council further stated that the recent Supplementary Provisions approved by the National Assembly is intended to fund and support Joint Support Teams which will work in the various administrative regions under the command of the Joint Services.

“The JSCC reiterates its call for persons to be responsible and stay away from creating public mischief.”

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