Man who threatened to kill wife found dead at No. 51 police station


The police are conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of 45-year-old Sewdial Persaud, of No. 57 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, who was found hanging from the door of a cell in the lockups of the No. 51 Police Station at about 1600hrs on Thursday.

Investigations so far have revealed that at 09:45hrs on Thursday, a woman who shares a common-law relationship with Persaud, reported to the police that they had an argument on Wednesday during which he threatened to kill her, burn her employer’s house and kill himself.

As a result, Persaud was arrested by the police and at about 10:25hrs, he was placed in the passageway between the cells of the lockups, clothed in his boxer shorts. There were two other prisoners in one of the holding cells of the lockups at the time.

Later, during another visit to the lockups by the Subordinate Officer in charge of the Station, Persaud was found on his knees hanging from a cell door with the elastic waistband from a boxer shorts around his neck and tied to the door of a cell. Another boxer shorts, which belonged to one of the other prisoners, along with Persaud’s boxer shorts, were found in the passageway, without their elastic waist bands.

The body is at the Anthony Funeral Home, Corentyne, awaiting an autopsy.

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