Woman, 39, dies in horrific Baramita accident


A horrific accident on the Baramita Main Access Road in Region One (Barima-Waini) has claimed the life of 39-year-old Juanita Sobers – the Secretary of the Baramita Village Council.

Police Headquarters in a report noted that Sobers was in the front passenger seat of minibus #BPP 9730, along with five other passengers, when it crashed while descending a hill at about 30 to 40 kmph on Wednesday at around 17:30hrs.

The minibus was being driven by 23-year-old Deonarine Kumar, of Port Kaituma, North West District, who claimed that the vehicle suddenly started to travel in a right and left motion and he tried to apply brakes, however, despite his effort, he collided into a “baranka” on the northern edge of the road.

As a result of the collision, they were all thrown out of the vehicle and onto the road, where Sobers received injuries to her head and body.

She was seen lying motionless under the minibus while the driver received injuries to his back.  They were both picked up by public-spirited citizens and taken to the Baramita Health Centre where Sobers was pronounced dead.

The driver remains hospitalised.

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